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Thread: Falling Glass Cube Test

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    Re: Falling Glass Cube Test

    We include a library of around 100 with the plugin, but there are many more possible. The thing about materials is that they are highly application specific. You might want to get a certain kind of visual effect by adjusting a material and so you will want to play with it in real-time to see that it gets to where you want it. The guys at LucasArts spent a lot of time discovering how to do material adjustments for The Force Unleashed and built up quite a large internal library for internal use.

    We want to create ways to make material adjustment easier though, there are some ideas we are trying out in that regard.

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    Re: Falling Glass Cube Test

    Oh so theres a big library and just by playin with the settings a bit you can change the material in to somthing even Awsomer. (sigh) to bad i cant afford the plugin or maya or anything realy couse thats cool

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