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Thread: 3dsmax plugin.

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    3dsmax plugin.

    It would be very nice if you could release a 3dsmax version of the DMM plugin, the reason being because I have used 3dsmax for a long time and I have it, but do not have maya.

    Please consider this, I'd use it for sure.

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    A 3DSMax version will be forthcoming, but we need to get the Maya version refined and shipped as a final product first. One thing that is really nice about Maya is its scripting system. Maya is built with a scripting system underlying it while Max has one added on top. From a pipeline point of view, a lot of our customers have indicated that they prefer Maya.

    However, we know there are a lot of 3DSMax users out there so we will be working on a version for that next.

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    Topic moved to: DMM Plugin for Maya >> Feature Request

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    I too eagerly await the MAX version... many things to destroy, I just hope my machine has the cycles for it.

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    Good news! We are about to release our beta version of the 3DS MAX plugin. More about this sometime this week!
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    What about the OS X ?

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    Re: 3dsmax plugin.

    The Maya plugin for OSX is still under work. We want to get it out as quickly as we can though.
    Thanks for your interest.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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