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Thread: It is time to Open Source DMM -Comment to Vote

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    It is time to Open Source DMM -Comment to Vote

    There has been zero activity for DMM and lots of people want to develop with the engine and improve it. Look at the success of Bullet or Unreal Engine. Bullet was made by just one guy Erwin Coumans, and the reason for success was it was one of the few physics engines out there that had a good open source license (zlib) and a great active forum including huge number of responses directly from him. And so people including large companies used it and contributed code and other benefits. Meanwhile lots of other engines died with huge teams and resources behind them. It is a shame that the leaders behind Pixelux do not know the open source monetary system. Are the people behind Unreal Engine fools that used to get hundreds of thousands of dollars for their engine and changed to open source? No way. They made a very smart move and they have taken over. It's simple, give it away to those that can't afford it because they will never be buyers anyway and gain the benefit of them bug checking, offering great ideas, solving issues, contributing code for_free and then charge services to only those with deep pockets which are the companies. Your code is old now and quite frankly out of date to take advantage of new tech such as OpenCT, Vulcan, etc. It may be that even if you do open source it, it will be ignored as outdated. FEM has come a long way since 2004! Stop trying to suck every penny out of it only to watch it die forever. Let it free and watch it grow.
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    We are working on something that will make DMM more accessible to a wider audience. Details soon.

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