New Forums are Online!

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Today we have turned on the new forum system. Apologies for the brief period of unavailability while we transitioned the server hosting.

This new system will provide you with regular updates about the interesting goings-on in the world of DMM. In upcoming entries, we will be posting stories like the one on how we did the spaceship animation, interesting tidbits about the history of Pixelux, Simulation, and of course our most favorite subject - DMM!

If any of you are interested in sharing your experiences in creating simulated content, we welcome you to submit an article for publication here.

We will also be posting tutorials and animations showing how DMM can be used to do the kinds of things we expect you are interested in using it for.

One more thing, as part of the migration process, all your passwords were not moved, so as a result, you will have to enter new ones. An email should be going out to all of you with instructions on how to do this. Sorry for the inconvenience, but think of it as a way to ensure that all the spambots that registered stay out


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