1. DMM Plugin now available for Maya 2013

    Well, today is the big day! The Maya 2013 DMM plugin is now available for download from Autodesk's site. You can get it here:


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  2. Maya 2013 build sent to Autodesk

    Hi Everyone,

    I just wanted to let you know that we completed all the testing and integration for all three platforms of the DMM plugin for Maya 2013 and have sent it off to Autodesk to be packaged and distributed. This version will still be tet-limited, but for everyone that has purchased it, there will not be any upgrade fee.

    A couple of caveats:

    1) The plugin now has a manual license installation mode. This allows you to install the license we send ...
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  3. DMM in Prometheus

    I want to congratulate MPC for their excellent work on "Prometheus". DMM was used in MPC's Kali destruction pipeline to do the spectacular finale of the movie where the Prometheus crashes into the Juggernaut ship. CGSociety has a great breakdown of that shot here:

    The first video by MPC shows how the destruction of the crash was done. Note how DMM allowed MPC to add secondary realism via bending ...
  4. dmm density region

    Thought I would share this with everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by vik View Post
    This works fine. Though it is a little tricky. When you create a density region, it is always created as a poly object (which is automatically selected) in the same location as your original DMM object. You can scale and translate it and adjust the density by entering numbers in the "extra attributes box". To further elaborate, we've posted a short video showing you how to do this. You can watch it here:

    DMM Density Region Creation
  5. DMM Pillar Destruction Tutorials

    We now have a fantastic tutorial showing how to use DMM to destroy a set of pillars. The tutorial was done for us by Wayne Hollingsworth and is viewable on the Autodesk Area site here:

    Wayne goes through the DMM workflow for creating a destructible object covering the creation of the DMM tet cages to the alteration of density within the column to get the desired effect. He also talks about how to duplicate objects in a way that ...
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