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    So.. Any news on destruction field?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Termix
    I look forward to those large mesh handling feature

    Thank you so much for DMM!
    Glad you enjoy using it!

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    Continued integration on the large mesh support. We tested with some meshes our customers sent us and everything seems to work well. We've also added a higher material iteration limit and are adding some code to let you know when the solver doesn't converge within the limit of iterations for a particular material. This happens when you have a very stiff material sometimes. The solution is to increase the number of iterations and/or to reduce the stiffness and mess with toughness.

    The good thing is that the new version of the plugin has an API call to let you know when the solver is not converging as well as some code to check that. This is a very useful feature for larger mesh simulation.

  4. Termix's Avatar
    I look forward to those large mesh handling feature

    Thank you so much for DMM!
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    This is fantastic news Vik, very excited to see the next version of this amazing FEM engine!!
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    We have the current plugin working well on Maya 2016 for OS X! I ran some test scenes and it ran without issue.

    The next hurdle is to merge the changes we have made to the solver to allow handling of large meshes.

    The new licensing system is also being brought on-line. Concurrent to that we are also adding the material region changes to the UI. The material change work is done an this feature has been in use at Remedy for the past 6 months so it's well tested. You can see the results of it in their incredible scenes for "Quantum Break".