View Full Version : 3D space, gravity?

12-22-2010, 06:21 AM
Is there going to be any 3D space you can throw the stuff around in, also, seems like it doesn't have any gravity. It needs gravity to be.... Right.And of course more objects :d

Oh and the parts should collide with each other...

Man this really needs more polishing that i thought. If you make the 3D space, we need something to throw at the objects. A prime example would be making the shapeability max, toughness max and stiffness max and start throwing metallic balls. Then the whatever you would use would deform. Would fit the wall so good :P

12-22-2010, 11:28 AM
The objects in DMM Touch are in full 3D and are in a 3D volume. Gravity is also active and controllable. In fact, you can completely adjust and control gravity by touching the icon next to the slider and then selecting "Gravity". We leave gravity set to zero (the slider is in the middle) for a lot of the scenes because that gets you a full view of each object. Its also important to note that gravity always points in the direction of real gravity. This means if you set your iOS device flat on a table, the gravity will be "into" the screen, if you hold it up like a book, gravity will be down towards the ground. If you change the slider, you can reverse gravity so it is in the direction opposite to its normal direction.

Adjusting gravity can be a very useful tool in creating animations. For example, if you increase gravity, drop an object to wherever it goes, pin the object there, and then either reverse or neutralize gravity, you can stretch or manipulate the object across a greater area of the volume.

Having a lot of DMM Objects is something we have planned, but you should realize that as we are operating with portable hardware, we are pushing it hard to get fillrates and DMM calculations running fast enough for real-time.

Our planned updates will include scene import/export (along with object import/export) as well as some additional acceleration that will allow us to draw more complex objects as well as possibly more objects.

We will consider your suggestions for future updates.