View Full Version : Tet-splitting in DMM2?

Melvin Eng
11-18-2010, 02:44 AM

Was wondering if DMM2 will have the spectacular tet-splitting as seen on the Facebook video?

Melvin. :P

11-19-2010, 09:53 AM
Hello Melvin,

Tet-Splitting is currently only available in off-line mode, not in real-time mode. It is also considered a high-end feature and is only available in the site-licensed version of DMM that we sell to special effects studios. We do plan on migrating a version of it to our standard plug-in sometime late next year. DMM2 will certainly make tet-splitting even better with its improved collision handling and better convergence, but we haven't done the work to add any sort of tet-splitting to the DMM2 build yet. We are focussed on getting DMM2 out the door right now.

We have thought about what it would take to do real-time tet-splitting, which would be truly incredible, but that will also have to wait until DMM2 wraps up :-)


Melvin Eng
11-22-2010, 01:38 AM
Hi again,

Thanks for the details...
Really look forward to seeing real-time tet-splitting in action :P

Cheers :)