View Full Version : DMM Plug-In for Maya 1.1.7 Released

04-13-2010, 07:02 PM
Update of DMM Plug-In for Maya is up - version 1.1.7. You can get it from the standard Pixelux download link here: http://www.pixelux.com/dmmPlugin.html

This version has the following updates:
List of changes:
* Added support for Maya 2011
* Enabled toughness regions
* Added "Delete empty DMM Scene Nodes" button to scene manager
* Added "Show Only Output Surface Mesh" command
* Fixed splinterizer uv generation for non uniform texture mapping
* Fixed bug in Asset Manager when material name contains a colon
* Fixed bug in animsave that would generate an error when there is a non continuous array of outputTetNodes (which happens when an DMM Asset is deleted)
* Added some user messages when inconsistent data is found (like not enough tets)
* Added a check for tet volume, disable object if volumes are too small
* Added a button to the license updater to retrieve the purchased key