View Full Version : 3D Viewer Request

03-25-2010, 07:37 AM
Ok a year has past..would just like a straight answer is there going to be a viewer?

03-28-2010, 04:00 AM
There had been an announcement some time ago, instead of the viewer they worked with AMD on a free version of the dmm 2 middleware.

It is absolutely true. As you guys know, everyone has wanted a viewer to play around with DMM. With this announcement, we have gone a step beyond that and created a free version that you guys can use to create games. Moreover, it will be DMM2 and will have tight integration with the Bullet rigid body physics library.

Hope this makes you guys happy

Coming from this post : viewtopic.php?f=20&t=224&sid=2a0f5bb78a8fa6d8eaab205e59417b47#p868 (http://www.pixelux.ch/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=224&sid=2a0f5bb78a8fa6d8eaab205e59417b47#p868)

I suppose that's why they couldn't tell you about what was going on with the viewer before it has been announced ;)