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11-18-2008, 05:22 PM
See here (http://pixeluxentertainment.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=82) for a list of known issues relative to the plugin use.

First, make sure you have administrator rights when running the installer:

When running on Windows XP with a limited account, it should ask to be run under a different account. In this case choose an account with administrator privileges.[/*:307ghpvx]
When running on Windows Vista, the User Account Control should pop up. In this case, allow the installer to access your computer.[/*:307ghpvx]

Maya is also using HASP. When it has finished installing, the Maya installer sometimes leaves the HASP installer's process running. This prevents the plugin installer to install it's own HASP drivers. It is recommended to reboot the computer before installing the plugin if Maya was just installed.

The HASP drivers might not install properly when an antivirus or a firewall is activated (especially the ones from Symantec, Norton or MacAffee). If you get an error message during the installation, disable those softwares and restart the installer. To keep your computer safe from attacks, make sure you are not connected to any network or to the internet during that time!
If you don't want do disable your protection softwares, you can open port 1947.

Here is an example of error message that occurred during the installation of the HASP drivers:

If you get this message when running the plugin:
Go in the Program Files folder, locate the Pixelux subfolder and open it. Then open the DMM Plugin for Maya folder and run the installDrivers.bat file. If it doesn't work any better, try again with the antivirus and firewall softwares disabled. To keep your computer safe from attacks, make sure you are not connected to any network or to the internet during that time!

05-11-2009, 12:03 AM
Detailed explanation on how to force re-install the HASP drivers if you still get an error.

1) Open the Command Prompt program (either select that program in Start/All Programs/Accessories or a) press Windows+R, b) type in cmd c) click on OK)
It should open a similar window than this one:

2) Discover where is located your Program Files folder.Type:
set ProgramFiles and press enter.

3) Change the path to your Program Files folder. First go to the correct drive. To find out the letter of drive, look at the result of the previous command. It should read ProgramFiles=?\xxx where ? is the letter of the drive and xxx is the path of the Program Files folder. To go to the correct drive, type in the letter followed by a semicolon and press enter. Then type:
cd %ProgramFiles% and press enter again.

4) Go to the Plugin installation folder. Type in
cd "Pixelux\DMM Plugin for Maya" and press enter.

4) Type:
haspdinst -purge and press enter.

5) When HASP is done, finally type:
haspdinst -i and press enter.