View Full Version : Official Tutorial #4: Setting physical materials

09-02-2008, 07:04 AM
Setting physical materials.

An important element of creating and using DMM is setting the physical material properties of DMM objects. This is what is going to control how simulated objects behave.

DMM is based on the science of continuum mechanics and finite element theory, therefore, the parameters that govern DMM's actions are exactly the same as what you might find in a materials science textbook.

A library of materials is included with the plug-in. These have been created to mimic real world objects' behaviors. But by adjusting the different parameters, it is also possible to create objects that cannot exist in the real world due to the physical constraints or reality.

In this tutorial you will:

Create a simple DMM simulated scene
Modify the resulting animation just by changing the DMM materials
Modify different parameters of a material to understand what they control