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Don't just Animate, Simulate!

Create Highly Realistic Destruction and Deformation Animations in less time while increasing quality.

Now you can use the same advanced simulation technology that high-end visual effects studios use to bring your artistic creations to life.

The DMM Plugin for Maya allows you to do high quality finite-element-based destruction right inside of Maya. Simulate anything from jelly to diamond. Control your physical reality by changing plasticity, toughness, shape preservation and many other physically simulated parameters.

Imagine building a character rig that has DMM flesh that moves in response to kinematically driven bones, or a railroad trestle where the timbers flex and crack under the weight of a passing train. Use your imagination to create animations with DMM with subtle effects that are impossible through manual animation or simple fracture/shatter scripts.

Simulation-Driven Animation with DMM is creating a revolution in visual effects. With over 30 feature films using DMM for key destruction shots ranging from the destruction of entire cities to intricate fracture of a bullet going through a tree, DMM is well-suited for whatever you throw at it.

See what fxGuide has to say about DMM in this article.

To the right, you will find links to full-featured versions of the DMM Plugin. These versions are limited in the number of tetrahedra you can simulate, but are otherwise fully functional. You can upgrade to the unlimited version with no simulation limits for only $499. Just click on the Paypal link above to purchase.

Some DMM Tutorials available here.

Pipeine Integration of DMM is also available. Utilizing command line or library versions of the DMM toolchain, DMM Technology can be fully integrated into your production pipeline. Please contact us for details.

Download DMM Plugin for Maya 1.2 for Maya 2015, 2016 and 2017

This version of the DMM Plugin is fully functional but limited to 2500 simulation elements. Purchase to unlock unlimited simulation elements.

DMM 1.2 adds material regions, floating license management, bugfixes and solver improvements.

DMM Plugin 1.2 for Maya 2019 - Windows 64-bit

DMM Plugin 1.2 for Maya 2017 - Windows 64-bit

DMM Plugin 1.2 for Maya 2016 - Windows 64-bit

DMM Plugin 1.2 for Maya 2015 - Windows 64-bit

(MacOS X and Linux 64-bit versions to be available shortly)

To Upgrade from previous versions of DMM, please send a request with your DMM ID to info@pixelux.com. Upgrade pricing is $250 per seat.



Examples of how the DMM Plug-In can be used to create simulation-driven animations.

Michael Lemon Demo Reel 2013 from michael lemon on Vimeo.



DMM in High-End VFX for Movies

Michael has used DMM for spectacular VFX destruction in movies like "A Good Day to Die Hard", "Red 2", "Man of Steel" and "Warm Bodies". Watch this amazing demo reel for more information.



Terminix Beams from VANDO on Vimeo.



Wood Simulation

Another great piece by Vando Studio with DMM destruction done by Marco Rossi. Here, we see a giant termite chewing on a DMM wooden beam which splinters and cracks. The wood simulation is achieved by stretching the tetrahedral elements, allowing for anisotropic material properties.



R&D | DESTRUCTION WITH DMM | PIRATES from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.


DMM R&D Deconstruction

Sylvain Nouveau used DMM for his destruction effects for an amusement ride. You can see here how he experimented with different materials, splinters and tet counts to achieve his result.



VFX BREAKDOWN | PIRATE | 030_0140 from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.


VFX Deconstruction: Pirates

More work by Sylvain Nouveau for the Pirates amusement park ride. Using DMM for the cannonball impact. You can see how the DMM shot was augmented with particles and other effects passes.



VFX BREAKDOWN | PIRATES | 030_0130 from Sylvain Nouveau on Vimeo.



Tet Density Studies

Here, Sylvain shows how a shot is created by using progressively denser DMM tesselations. Splinters and increased DMM density are added only when you are satisfied with the movement you are trying to achieve.



VFX_commercials_shots from Jean-Francois Macé on Vimeo.


DMM Landslide

A commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S with DMM Dynamics work by Jean-Francois Macé. DMM is used for the giant black thumb-mountain. Particles are combined with a high frame rate to get a mountain landslide effect.