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Thread: bridge collapse.

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    bridge collapse.

    I want to make a video like this.
    How can I do that? I have tested so many times within my knowledge, but I failed.
    Is it even possible to make a video like this? I need your help.

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    The Tacoma Narrows bridge was destroyed by self-reinforcing harmonics. Basically the oscillation pattern from wind gusts got it moving in just the right frequency that additional wind only added to the amplitude of the wave, eventually resulting in it breaking apart.

    You can do such a thing in DMM but you will have to experiment to get the right tessellation and movement. Here's how I suggest you start:

    1) Create a simple suspension bridge model. No details, just make it purely out of DMM. the goal is to experiment.

    2) Make the road part of the bridge somewhat flexible. You should not tesselate it too much at first because you want to experiment with how bendy you want it to be.

    3) Use a Maya field on the road that causes it to be pushed upwards in a cyclic way. In other wards, simulate the additive frequency amplitude. You can do this by keying the Maya field.

    4) A suspension bridge has cables that hold it so you will want to turn some of the cables in the model into real DMM ones. In some cases you can probably get away by combining a couple of the cables together into a single DMM object and using Glue or welding (I always prefer that) to attach them to the road portion. Attach the other part to the suspension pier.

    5) You will want to drive the simulation only with Maya fields for effect. You should get the secondary movement of the suspension piers (which also need to be turned into DMM - but a stiffer material).

    6) For more dramatic effect, you can key material properties when you want more dramatic results - for example lowering toughness at a key dramatic moment to cause the bridge to fly apart.

    Experiment with a low-cut version first and then once you understand the basic mechanic, you can scale up to a more realistic model. You can generate a more detailed version with this script: Use this script in Maya to generate a suspension bridge:

    Hopefully this will help. Please post it when you get it working! We would love to see the result.


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    Thank you vik
    I try simulation test!


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