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Thread: Unable to cache

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    Unable to cache


    I get an error when I enable DMM Cache under the scene node:

    // Error: DMM: Error creating cache file 'F:/_MayaProjects/fxTests/scenes/DMMtest074.DMMScene1.dmm_cache', make sure that the containing folder exists //

    I get the error even if I manually enter a path or cache name according to the format provided in the help docs, what could be wrong?


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    This is fixed now. I tried caching with a different project location and it works, suspect the '_' in the folder name might have caused the problem

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    I have this issue on linux when the file name changes. I need to mkdir -P to get the folder structure close maya then reopen and things work again.

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    Yes, this is a problem with the way Maya resolves paths. You also don't want to change the cache name if you are going to render.



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