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Thread: Source mesh still visible

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    Source mesh still visible


    I have about a 100 DMM objects in the scene, for which I selected all objects at once and applied 'Create DMM object with AutoCage'.

    Though the objects seem to be simulating correctly, the moment they start simulating, the source meshes become visible. For these objects, I'm keying DMM passive on the frame I wish the simulation to start. A screenshot is attached:

    I have tried 'Show only Output surface Mesh' and also the 'Hide DMM Shape > Source Cage' menu commands, but the source mesh remains stubbornly visible.

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be?


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    This may not be relevant, thought I should mention that these objects (mostly spheres) are baked particle instances. I'm sure I cleared all history prior to DMM, but they were all under a group node.

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    Did you create the DMM object by selecting all the Spheres (which must be polygonal meshes) and then using the Create DMM with AutoCage option? Did you want all the spheres to be independent DMM objects or did you want them to be a single object? If a single object, you will have to combine them into a single mesh before using AutoCage.

    On the visibility issue, I would suggest looking at the outliner to see what has been hidden/unhidden. It does sound like the problem may be in the way the object was created though.


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    this doesnt really help with your problem of original mesh being visible but i noticed in your screen grab that the sphere scale is not my experience this can cause issues when tetrahedralizing.

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    Hi Vik

    Thank you. Yes, I did want the spheres to be individual DMM objects. I tried another test where I exported all the geo as obj and imported them back prior to DMM-izing them and this seems to have solved the issue.. there might have been a problem in the way they were created after all.

    And thank you Mandark, I'll keep that in mind. I guess transforms get frozen when I do an obj export/import, so it's working fine now.


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