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Thread: In My Simulation Objects Leaked....WHY???????

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    In My Simulation Objects Leaked....WHY???????

    hey guys.
    I have a scene that a ball shooted to the column (brick beneath and marble stone over that) .when simulation done and stone shattered...the pieces of stone leaked to the column and don't fall on the ground.
    some pieces fall on the ground...

    what can i do for create a real simulation of shattering column...?

    thanks in advanced

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    nothing way to solve this ???!?!?!??!?!?!?!?

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    You may have self-collision off. Select the DMM object and then in the DMM Asset Manager, click on the "DMM Object Node" button. Under the DMM Object Attributes, there should be an attribute for Self Collision. Make sure that is checked. You may also check the channel box to make sure it is not keyed.

    I would also suggest you watch the DMM column shattering tutorials on the Autodesk AREA site. Those were done by Wayne Hollingsworth and show you in great detail how to shatter columns properly with DMM. You can also watch them on our site by going here:

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    tnx vik for reply.
    i checked self collision.but meshs of shattered object leaked together...

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    Try increasing the number of sub steps in the DMM Attributes. It is normally set to 8, but you can set it to 20 or higher to curtail the problem. The number of sub steps setting determines how many times the DMM solver runs per frame. Because we determine contact by solving the entire finite element system every frame, increasing the number of times this is done every frame will increase the accuracy of contact and thus limit interpenetration. The DMM solver never generates a counter force as rigid body systems do, rather we create increased friction in response to interpenetration of objects proportional to their speed. Unfortunately, if the objects move very slowly, it is possible for the issues you describe to occur.

    Feel free to email a video to me at Seeing what happens may allow me to give you further advice.


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    ok vik...tnx alot.
    i have some problem in that...i worked and tested again and again my problem in scene scale...but i have some misunderstand about that...
    about leaking problem i guess that every object have a few space around it that causes other objects that is near it leaked to it...and their tets have contact to my object's tet and create know????
    when i setup my scene in this manner that i have some space between them this problem has been solved...
    but i ask you other my problems...
    tnx again..


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