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Thread: Rendering batch pre fractures mesh but not in viewport

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    Rendering batch pre fractures mesh but not in viewport

    Hi there,

    Not really sure why, but when I render in the view port, it renders perfect, but when I render through batch renderer, it pre fractures and just looks awful. I am not using motion blur at all, so I know it's not that issue.

    I will attach photo examples when I get out of work this evening, but I thought I would throw it out in case anyone knows anything?


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    You might have "Show Inner Faces" set to "on" and your object is transparent. Also are you rendering with different renderers in Batch or Viewport?


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    Hi Vik,

    I just tried using show inner faces, and still no luck. Here are the the differences between my view port render and my batch render (both mental ray and software end in the same result). I have cached the simulation, so I kind of clueless as to what to try next. It's just weird that in the batch render the object hasn't even shattered yet but yet it appears like that in the batch. That isn't even how the object actually shatters int he sim. These are from the same frame numbers.

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    The only time I see stuff like that happen is when you change the tessellation of a DMM object while displaying it in the middle of a cache. The normals and timing would get messed up in the way you are seeing.

    Which version of Maya and which OS are you using?


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    I'm using Maya 2012 and Windows 7

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    Does this mean I need to re-sim? Or can I fix this?

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    I just found out, that If I reset my cache and do not enable it, it renders fine in Batch. This will work for now I suppose, but I would prefer to have my cached scene render normally, so I don't have to re-sim every render, plus I don't know for sure if it will sim exactly the same every time, making render layers quite a hassle.

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