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Thread: maya 2013 DMM upgrade?

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    bump! Can we get a timeline on this? We are starting a new project at work soon and they want to use Maya 2013.

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    Still working on it. No updated date yet.

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    been 1 month since your first estimate of two weeks. Can you give us an update as to how the build for 2013 is coming along please. Thank you

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    Maya 2013 DMM Upgrade

    We are still working on it. There are a number of other projects we are wrapping up this month as well hence the delay.

    The Linux and OS X builds are working, the Windows builds are still in progress.


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    Hello team,

    almost the end of the month, do we have an update on the release of DMM for Maya 2013?

    Last update was 5/17 if I'm not mistaken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trethymn View Post
    It was my error.
    hmm well at least he isnt trying to sell me prescription drugs. Frescalus Admin told us in a different post that they are ironing out the last of the 2013 compiling issues and that it wont be long. Crossing my fingers.

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    Maybe they should compile the plugin for realflow also

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    We have all the builds working right now, and are doing some testing. If you want to see an example of an alembic export, I posted one here:

    This was done from our Maya 2013 OS X build.


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    works like a charm across multiple frames... LOVE IT! So care to hazard a guess as to when the windows compile will be ready for download?

    edit crashes if you implement multiple subframe over multiple frames will play with it when i get the build this should work.
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    I think we have everything ready to go soon. AD needs to check it over and then it will be available. I'll get you a date on availability as soon as we are ready to submit.

    I would be curious about if you were able to do motion blur in rendering the Alembic cache. Our DMM cache was created to allow inner face exposure as well as inter frame interpolation for motion blur.



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