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Thread: maya 2013 DMM upgrade?

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    im at work so im testing on 2012 subscription pack it works well if you dont exceed 2 frames but you cant add sub calculations to timestep or time or it will crash (mental Ray). ill be doing tests on 2013 as soon as I get home.

    For me the biggest problem with the DMM cacheing is how it is super dependant on the name of the file. I see the cache in my folder but when i go to load the cache it shows others, or none and attaches but as soon as someone tries to reference or import the DMM stuff into say a lighting file it doesnt work anymore. The work around for us was by Geo cacheing which worked for our purposes.
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    Any updates on a date when the 2013 DMM will be available?

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    We are wrapping this up. We hope to get it out by the end of the week assuming we can crush one last bug with the Maya 2013 UI.


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    Any news on this front?

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    still no DMM for maya 2013...its been a really really long time since your initial two week estimate...

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    We are still working on it.

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    This has beena while in the making
    Is this being included in Maya SP1 for 2013?
    They have taken it (SP1) down to fix something at the moment so I'm not sure whats happening

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    There was a corruption in the SP1 distribution or something like that. DMM was not in that, it will likely be available as a separate download.


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    when dmm will be available for maya 2013...

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