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Thread: maya 2013 DMM upgrade?

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    Thanks for the deadline, but I am also requesting that you do not rush yourselves as this is a very useful tool
    Also, I am hoping that you improve collisions with splinter cages. I want to be able to create my own splinter cages and would hate to see proper collisions fail.

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    Its been two weeks, any updates on when we can expect a 2013 build? Could you post the download link too please.

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    Dmm plugin Available

    I have checked Autodesk website for 6 times and yet have not found any info on Dmm .
    I beleive so the Plugin of destruction must be given some more privileges and better highlights.

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    And i request the Admin to pls reply on this thread with all due respects and regards to Admin.

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    Autodesk won't list the DMM stuff because we haven't given it to them yet. We are in the process of updating the licensing and doing a build for Maya 2013 as well as including changes we have made for some of our film customers.

    We are working as fast as we can to get this out to you.

    BTW, I tested the Maya 2013 build with Alembic and it works quite nicely. I was able to save out DMM geo as an Alembic cache and load it as non-DMM geometry for rendering.

    Thanks for your patience.

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    So nice of u dear Admin Together we all will push the limits of DMM and delivers it a complete destruction Package .thanks and would like to appreciate if links are provided to receive
    from where we can download it DMM 2013

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    When we get a build ready, you will be able to download it from the Autodesk site. We will likely also host it here on the Pixelux site.


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    I wouldn't mind seeing how that will work out exporting the geo to realflow once saved to Alembic..

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    thanks for the response. Can you give us another timeline for when we can expect this?

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    For those using realflow, RF2013 is going to make use of Alembic I/O files... we may actually see a connection between DMM and realflow in a unique way...


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