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Thread: maya 2013 DMM upgrade?

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    maya 2013 DMM upgrade?

    Will pixelux be rolling an updated version of DMM out in the release of maya 2013?

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    Yes. We have a build in progress.

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    good news thanks

    will it just be a version compiled for maya 2013 or will it contain fixes and additions to current functionality?
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    When can we expect this build to be available for download? I was surprised it didnt ship with Maya 2013 like it did with 2012.

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    Dmm maya 2013

    Yes it strictly needs to embedded with maya and must come with new features and more performance and Robust functionality .I swear This plugin is very fantastic regarding the destruction and should be Appreciated .
    PLs move fast and provide us with the tool with MAYA 2013 hurrrry

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    Yes I am wondering about this as well? Where is DMM in Maya 2013? Do I need to download it from this site now?

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    Admin could please respond to this, I am currently at a stand still in my DMM work until i can get it to work in maya 2013. Thank-you.

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    Maya 2013 build

    We are working hard on getting the 2013 build out. There will be a licensing system change, but all your licenses will continue working.

    The first version will not have any new features, but it will have some bug fixes and speed improvements to a couple of the tools.

    The build will be on Autodesk's site and you will be able to download it directly from there.

    Our goal is to get the build out within the next 2 weeks.


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    Thanks for the clarification on this! Good to get official word on it.

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    thank for that information


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