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Thread: Problem with two tets behaving like one?

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    Problem with two tets behaving like one?


    I've been experimenting with DMM and I think it's really cool with some nice features. But I have been running into an issue where it seems like two tets are controlled like one even though they are very far apart.

    It's quite noticeable when they are flying through the air (like from a collision) - they are moving like if they were stuck onto each end of a long stick even though it's two small objects. I hope my explanation makes sense

    It also shows up quite noticeably if I for example have a passive region and one of the tets is in this, but the other is not (and far away) - then the tet inside the passive region does move.

    I tried quite high tet count, but the problem persists.

    Any idea why this happens? I hope someone can help me, thanks

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    Can you post a video of this or perhaps email a scene and/or video to



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