Maya 2012, Windows 7, 64bit

I am very new to Maya and DMM and I have had a hard time fixing an issue. Possibly a bug?
The Scene:
I have a passive ground plane.
I made a low poly bench which is an "active" DMM Auto cage.
I put a passive (green) cage around the low poly bench to animate the passive cage over time.
I made minor changes to the DMM Wood material which I believe should not be the problem.
I then added the "wood" Splinter Image onto the Bench (the proper way).
When I render the first frame where the passive cage is still around the bench, I notice cracks already on the bench. So I un-marry the Splinter Image from the bench and delete the Splinter Image. The bench is still at DMM auto cage with its shards intact. I render that first frame out and no "cracks" are shown. This render happens to have one crack with the Splinter Image. When I tried other times, there were at least 4 to 5 cracks on it. All these renders are done with the passive cage around the bench.
I have no clue how to fix that problem. Can anyone help please?
Thank you so much!