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Thread: 'pPlane1' Selected mesh(es) NOT suitable for DMM use

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    'pPlane1' Selected mesh(es) NOT suitable for DMM use

    i have a model of a car which i want to make into a DMM object(maya 2012)...but i get this message:Selected mesh(es) NOT suitable for DMM use..

    i get the same message when i do so for a poly plane..poly sphere/cylinder are getting made into a DMM object

    also what i am trying to achieve is a rock falling on car and crushing in denting etc....this is what i need to simulate...any ideas how to proceed../ and what to keep as my toughness etc settings.. to get the desired result.. i am new to DMM..very new

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    Hi Bhavya,

    There are a number of ways to do what you want. The first thing you need to do though is understand the rules for turning meshes into DMM and the general concept behind using a finite element cage to deform and fracture geometry. If you only want to deform the surface of the car and not fracture it, it is a relatively simple task to construct a DMM cage around the car using autocage. Just be sure to turn off the checks for watertight geometry before you start.

    If you want stuff to fracture naturally, you will have to make sure that your geometry satisfies the requirements DMM has (watertight, non manifold, etc). Once you have that set, you will be able to do amazing things to the car, bend it, smash it, drop brick walls on it, basically any sort of physical operation.


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    Hi Vik.

    I have the same problem.

    How Can I make the obj not WatterTight geometry.

    Thanks in Advance.



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