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Thread: DMM Objects Intersecting

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    yes it isnt perfect I have to enable show all faces before exporting my OBJ and creating my geo cache.
    Does Alembic handle motion Blur across multiple frames with changing point count?
    We did some tests with it here at work using maya 2012 subscription pack but found some interesting bugs with the Almebic system and I was unable to get a DMM sim to cache using alembic.

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    I haven't tried any rendering with an Alembic cache yet, but I believe it does probably do frame interpolation in order to allow blur. That is what it was invented for I believe. Not sure how different the 2013 Alembic build is than the 2012 one, we have only worked with the 2013 builds. You will be able to try it yourself soon - We are working hard to get the builds ready. Only a few details left to fix.

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    Good news! I think Alembic is super powerful I just need to work with it more. We are pretty busy here right now so our evaluation of it was based on about twenty minutes of playing around.


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