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Thread: AutoCage adds mass

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    AutoCage adds mass

    I've noticed that when creating a DMM object with AutoCage, the object has significantly more mass than when creating it without. This can be minimized by lowering the scale gap and increasing the target face count.

    Is there a way to avoid or disable this without creating ridiculously dense cages?

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    Hi Karl,

    The density depends on the adjustments you mention. How dense is the final tetmesh you are trying to create?


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    Our artists ended up deciding that creating DMM objects from polymesh was generating better results. The actual density of the objects is varying for different objects and shots (and I'm just troubleshooting workflow so I don't have accurate numbers on the final densities we're working with).

    My question was more about getting consistent mass from object to object. Since the change in the mass is related to the volume of the object, it affects thin objects less than fat ones. So, if we needed to adjust this in the material we'd need different materials for different scaled objects, which would result in a nightmare of a scene to manage and iterate on.

    Since we ended up not using autocages, this isn't a real problem for us. Just curious about how other people are handling it.


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