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Thread: Maya 2012 full license install problem

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    Maya 2012 full license install problem

    I just purchased a license for the full version of DMM for Maya 2012 (64 bit). I went to install the license and it says I have the full license installed already? I didnít copy and paste anything. There was no dialog to enter the license key for my machine ID?

    When I went to load a sample scene (sample 3), it says I reached the maximum number of live simulation elements (I think it said 1500) and asked me to purchase a full license and install it.

    I try to do that under the help menu. When it asks if I want to reinstall the license I say okay but it does not ask me to put in my license code? It just says it is installed. I keep on going in circles. Any ideas??

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    Just responded to you directly with some ways to fix the issue. Please let me know if they worked.



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