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Thread: Error when setting DDM Preferences

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    Error when setting DDM Preferences

    Maya 2012 32-bit
    Windows 7 64-bit
    DMM Purchased License
    Scripts: 92
    MLL: 1.1.9
    DMM library: cinematic

    When creating any DMM object the ‘DMM Preferences’ dialogue opens.
    Setting the paths to point at any location where the correct files exist e.g.

    C:\Users\$username\Documents\DMM Libraries\materials
    C:\Users\$username\Documents\DMM Libraries\splinters\images

    and hitting apply yields the following error:
    # Error: RuntimeError: file C:/Program Files (x86)/Autodesk/Maya2012/bin/plug-ins\dmm\ line 156: Object 'txtFldGr_dmmPreferences_materialLib' not found. #

    Closing the dialogue and going to the ‘DMM Material’ correctly reveals the materials.

    Closing and restarting Maya causes exactly the same as above meaning I must continuously go through this process.

    I’ve noticed my userPrefs.mel is getting set with double forward slashes although setting his manually does nothing:

    -sv "dmmMaterialLibPath" "C://Users/$username/DMM Libraries/materials/"
    -sv "dmmSplinterImagesPath" "C://Users/$username/DMM Libraries/splinters/images/";
    -sv "dmmSplintersPath" "C://Users/$username/DMM Libraries/splinters/meshes/"

    Any ideas what I can try to stop experiencing this error.


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    The issue seems to be related to a legacy install of DMM prior to its integration into Maya’s default install. The plug-in used to permit a different location for the DMM Libraries directory e.g.
    C:\Users\$username\Documents\DMM Libraries\

    You can still change this however first you must have that DMM Libraries directory located at:
    C:\Users\$username\DMM Libraries\

    If not you’ll see errors e.g. my previous post.


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