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Thread: Dmm primitives not DMM objects

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    Dmm primitives not DMM objects

    Hey all..

    Ok so I was going to do the tutorial the other day and it told me to click on the DMM shelf icon to create a sphere. So i did. Then with the new sphere selected I clicked on EDIT DMM>ASSEST MANAGER. When it opened up there was nothing highlighted. Then I noticed the warning.. ir read... "//warningMM psphere 1 selected mesh NOT suitable for DMM use, see script editor for details."

    As a matter of fact all the shelf primitevs except the cube do the same thing. So anyone got an idea why???

    Windows 7 64 bit
    maya 2011 32 bit
    DMM plugin ver 1.1.7
    I downloaded the maya hotfix 3.. but have not installed it.. afraid too!! lol



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    thanks to pluginGuy... i just found the answer on another post...

    In the DMM Asset menu, you have a option box located on the left side of "Verify Polymesh" menu item. Clicking on this option box will open the meshverify options. Uncheck the "Detect faces with inconsistent UVs" option and that should get rid of your problems.

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