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    Hi everybody

    I am working in underwater scene, water push a box again rocks, and it breaks.
    I setup the gravity to 3.5
    I will use some forces, wind and turbulence to simulate the water flows.

    but my box´s parts rotate too much , it looks like it is broking in the air, not underwater.
    I think the water`s density is different than air.

    can I fix it?

    thanks you.
    (sorry if my english is not too good)
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    Hi Gerardo,

    We don't simulate viscous drag in DMM yet. You can get similar results by simulating at a higher frame rate and playing back the sim at normal rates. You can change the Maya animation framerate (which subsequently affects the DMM framerate) by altering this setting:MayaScreenSnapz001.jpg

    I tried it with a simple scene test and the results do have the slowness you see in underwater shots. The attached shot is running at 240 fps.

    The DMM Cache keeps track of the framerate, so if you import a cache for a scene, you can change the framerate in the Maya preferences setting. If you want to have a shot with a slow motion DMM scene mixed in with a regular framerate non-DMM scene, I would recommend using a composite rather than trying to do it inside of Maya. It may be possible to adjust framerates for layers or something like that, but I haven't tried that.

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    Thanks vik.

    I will try to do it with Trax Editor, to have more control of the deceleration.


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