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    collapsing a structure

    I'm a little helpless here.

    Based on the discussion in another thread, I'm trying to setup a simple scene (see picture). As soon as I create the tet-cage to the objects and apply a material, the barns start to collapse under their own weight after some frames, even with higher substepping and high stiffness-values.

    Sure I could set everything into a passive-region and animate that, but what if I have to collapse parts of the structure (like the lower ones), while other parts remain untouched at least for some frames? In my setup only after a few frames the structure becomes unstable.

    I've seen DMM (Kali) a lot at MPC - that looks rock-solid. But in Maya it seems impossible to do hard-surface-RBDs.

    So, simple and probably not only to me VERY IMPORTANT question: how do I setup a building/structure with DMM that I want to slowly collapse? At the moment I dont find a solution to use DMM for this kind of RBDs..

    Thanks again for any help.
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