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Thread: maya forces crash DMM

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    maya forces crash DMM

    I have tried several times to add a force to the DMM object and it usually gets to frame 3 then just hangs. I set up a simple cube
    with a simple preset splinter cage. I deselected the DMM object, set a drag field in the scene, then applied it using the DMM apply
    Maya force. No errors when I did it, but everytime I sim, it hangs on frame 3.

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    Re: maya forces crash DMM

    We fixed that bug in the hotfix 1 release for Maya 2012. Which version of DMM / Maya are you using?


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    Re: maya forces crash DMM

    First off, thanks for the lightning fast reply.
    Im currently using maya 2012, and I have not
    downloaded a recent version.

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    Re: maya forces crash DMM

    Your welcome Glad we have a fix for you!

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