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Thread: assigning DMM material types

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    assigning DMM material types

    ok, so im new to this whole DMM thing in MAYA and i just mess around with a random collage of objects but all the objects are following the same set of material properties... "defaultDmmMaterial1". how can I make it so that i have more than one type of DMM material? i already tried using the assign material types to change to lambert but nothing. also if it matters im using the 2012 student edition with the "demo" version of the plugin.

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    Re: assigning DMM material types


    Well, the first thing to remember is that DMM materials are NOT the same as Maya materials. Maya materials only specify appearance. DMM Materials are handled by the DMM node and determine the physical properties of the object (whether it should be flexible, rigid or plastic). You can assign different DMM materials to different DMM objects (we will allow assignment of different materials to different regions of a single object in a future update). The 2012 student edition should work fine. You may want to pick up the Hotfix 1 release from Autodesk, it increases the number of active DMM elements to 2500 (the standard version is only 1500).

    Read through the DMM documentation as well, it has some good details on how DMM works. You can read the documentation by going to the "DMM Help" menu when you have the DMM menu bar selected.

    Feel free to post here if you have any questions at all. We are happy to respond.


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    Re: assigning DMM material types

    thanks for the info but when i read the help all it did was redirect me back to this main site, it told me nothing about assigning diiferent DMM materials to two different objects

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    Re: assigning DMM material types

    Sorry I was not more specific.

    To assign a DMM material to a DMM object you have to do the following:

    1) Make sure you have the DMM menu bar selected
    2) Select the DMM Object (you can do this by just clicking on it)
    3) Change the DMM Object's material type by DMM Material->Assign DMM Material from the top menu.

    If you want to change the material properties, you will need to click on the DMM Asset manager (the rightmost icon on the DMM shelf) and then select the object. Once selected, click on the "DMM Material Node" in the DMM Asset manager and you will see the settings appear in the attribute editor. The name of the material will likely have a number next to it as it will be an instance of the original material - changing its values will not affect the original.

    Hope this helps,

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