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Thread: Object disapears after converting to DMM

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    Object disapears after converting to DMM

    Hi !

    I have strange problem. The meshveryfi tool gives me signal that everything is all right with this mesh.

    // meshverify ran on 1 mesh //
    DMM: Selected mesh(es) suitable for DMM use

    After conversion to dmm object - it's dissapears from the scene. I'm getting error:
    // Error: DMM: Netgen failure, the mesh probably doesn't meet DMM requirements. Run mesh verification and check the normals. //
    // Result: |polySurface6|polySurface7 //

    I'm sending this problematic geometry to the mediafire:
    What can i do to find a cause of this error ? Mesh cleaneup or vertex merge didn't help me with that. Triangulization of faces isn't sollution also.

    Thanks a lot for your time !

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    Re: Object disapears after converting to DMM

    I found a sollution - the best way to the objects like this is to remodel shape to get perfect quads. Every n'gon is a potential cause of problems If somebody would be interested in remaked - now valid geometry from this one i have errors with - i will post a link.

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    Re: Object disapears after converting to DMM

    I think you might want to use autocage on that object. I looked at it and the geometry is not well-suited for direct tessellation. In particular, the inner tubes contain a lot of geometry that is going to force netgen to create a lot of tets in those regions. Is there some reason you have those tubes in there?

    We do have the capability to have material regions, but we have not added that to the plug-in yet.

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    Re: Object disapears after converting to DMM

    The main reason i did the geometry like this was an test for a wall with steel pipes inside. I would like to make test scene when a cannon ball hits the wall with support inside. I thought that i need to make holes inside the concentrate segment to put geometry of steel pipes inside. But maybe my point isn't best for this effect. Should i use another way ?

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    Re: Object disapears after converting to DMM

    Rebar-reinforced concrete was one of our first tests for DMM at LucasArts We had some concrete columns with plastically deformable rebar inside to hold them together. You can achieve the same result by just creating metal bars and putting them inside of your concrete object. If you have autoglue turned on. I created a scene for you doing this along with a video of the result in action. The rebar really does keep the concrete together. I have purposely exaggerated the results by setting material properties so you can see the effect more pronounced. Mess with the settings and see what you can do.

    Also, try adding more rebar to the wall, I think you will see some interesting results.

    One point of caution though, DMM objects that are intersecting like that generate a lot of contacts and slow down the simulation, so I wouldn't go nuts with a lot of rebar or a lot of tets inside each rebar piece

    We will improve that in a future version of the solver.


    Good Luck!
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    Re: Object disapears after converting to DMM

    Thanks a lot ! I love you


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