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Thread: How to deal with NOT suitable for DMM problem

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    How to deal with NOT suitable for DMM problem

    Hi !

    I have one problem when i try to use geometry imported from modo:
    Can somebody tell me how with this type of errors ? In this link is most simple ma file with the object i cannot convert into the DMM object.

    thanks in advance !

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    Re: How to deal with NOT suitable for DMM problem

    Hi wilku,

    This is a common problem. We have a utility to help you find these problems, it is called "meshverify". Meshverify runs automatically before any mesh is turned into DMM (you can disable it if you have a non-watertight mesh that you don't expect to break - the requirements for that are not quite as strict) In our Maya 2012 integration, the meshverify utility can be run any time by clicking on the icon on the DMM shelf that looks a Question Mark in front of a red cube.

    You can resolve many geometry problems automatically by using the built-in "Mesh->Cleanup" utility in the Polygon menu. You can also resolve colocated vertex and edge issues by selecting all edges or all verts and using the "Edit Mesh->Merge" feature in the "Polygons" menu.

    Unfortunately, there is little we can do about some of these issues as it is impossible to determine what geometry you really want if the structure to determine it is not there. Sometimes the toolchain may import the mesh as a DMM object though, but odd behavior may result from the mesh.

    I have taken a number of objects from the Google 3D Warehouse and used them as DMM objects, though I had to work to turn them into meshes that DMM could import.

    Good Luck!

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