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Thread: Tutorial 2 assistance Please!!

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    Tutorial 2 assistance Please!!

    Hi all. I'm new to Dmm and busy working on tutorial 2 from the forums. Currently i'm at the part where they talk about assigning the Surface mesh to Bare DMM object. What i'm finding is the as soon as i select both object and apply the action, maya gives me a Warning message.
    // Warning: DMM: DMM Object 'Simple|Simple_DmmObject' has already its Tet Cage set as the Input Surface Mesh.

    The Other thing is that i cannot assign the surface mesh to be breakable or not..
    If anyone can Lend me a hand, please, i would appreciate that thanks.

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    Re: Tutorial 2 assistance Please!!

    Hi Angelblade,

    Try detaching the surface mesh from the DMM object. You can do that by going to the DMM menu and selecting "Edit DMM->Detach Component->Surface Mesh".

    The default setting for the surface mesh is to be breakable. You have the option to change it when you add the surface mesh by clicking on the square next to "DMM Asset->Add Surface Mesh to Bare DMM Object".

    Note that if you set something to be nonbreakable, and then select material settings to where it is breakable, DMM will not separate nodes when the object breaks, creating a very strange-looking jello-like montage



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