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Thread: Vehicle deformation

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    Vehicle deformation

    Hi! Im from spain,... sorry, my english is bad. anyway. Can DMM work with planar objects like maya Plane Polygon? or always need a cubic object?
    I intent make a vehicle crash and the model is maked with planar polygon..


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    Re: Vehicle deformation

    Hi Alex_3D,

    Shouldn't be a problem. You can use either the autocage tool or just use the surface directly for the tet cage around your mesh. I would suggest making a cage that is shell-like around your car body. Use Autocage to build the cage as a separate object and then tweak it to include the parts you want more detail. Then after you are done, turn the tweaked autocage object as a DMM cage and add your car surface mesh to that.

    We have done this with our real-time version for a car demolition game, so doing it with the plug-in should get you some really good results.

    Best Regards,

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    Re: Vehicle deformation

    Thanks DmmJedi, I'll try in a few days and will write it here

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    I goes something like:
    I have a model of a motorcycle but is made up of separate pieces that are not suitable for DMM:

    / / Error: MESH: 1101 NOT WATERTIGHT edge: edge is Used by only 1 polygon / /
    / / Error: MESH: 1004 vertex 1010 CO-LOCATED vertex Vertex: 2 vertices at the Same coordinates / /
    / / Error: MESH: edge MANIFOLD 2416 NOT 2468 edge: edge is Used by 4 polygons / /
    / / Error: MESH: edge edge 5063 5115 CO-LOCATED EDGES: Edges With The Same 2 pair of endpoints / /
    / / Error: MESH: face FACE 2470 SMALL ANGLE: 0.00540875 degrees / /
    / / Error: MESH: SMALL FACE ANGLE: found 2 faces With A small angle (minimum = 0.00466695 degrees) / /
    / / Error: MESH: NON-CONVEX face FACE 2470: multi winding / /
    / / Error: MESH: NON-CONVEX FACE: found a non-convex face / /
    / / Self-test 100% complete intersection
    / / Error: MESH: SELF-INTERSECT: found an edge-face intersection / /
    / / Meshverify ran on a mesh
    / / Warning: DMM: Selected mesh (es) NOT Suitable for use DMM, see Script Editor for details / /

    a lot of errors!

    I have also a version for dynamic simulations

    what should I do to use DMM on this model?
    I need to close all parts?
    can i use the low poly version or make one?

    how would you do?


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    There are a couple of things you can do:
    1) If you are only concerned about deformation and not fracture, you can construct an autocage mesh automatically around the entire object and then add the surface mesh to it with the "add surface mesh to bare DMM object" and deselect the "Clip Surface Mesh (breakable on)" option. You should also select the "Don't verify polymesh before creating DMM object" in the DMM Preferences to get rid of most of those other errors and allow you to push the mesh through the DMM object creation pipeline.

    2) Create the mesh in parts and "weld" them together. You can do this by using the DMM autocage utility on each independent mesh and saving the cage as separate objects. Then edit those objects to join collocated faces and verts to create a single giant object. You can also try using Glue, but that doesn't always work as well and can result in a big performance hit.

    3) Edit all the objects together and make sure that they satisfy all the DMM constraints. Then just use Autocage to make the DMM object.

    Hope this helps.



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