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Thread: DMM On Maya 2012 For Mac ...

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    DMM On Maya 2012 For Mac ...

    I'm using DMM from within Maya 2012 on my Mac and am considering a full purchase of the plugin so as to have unrestricted use. However ... when going to the Pixelux site I don't see a version for Maya 2012. Where do I go to purchase a Maya 2012 version for Mac ? Also, I'm running a Mac Pro, 64bit, 32GB ram, 8 core, 3.2 GHz processor speed with a NVIDIA Quadro FX 5600 card. Do I have enough horse power for basic simulations ( I know "Basic" is a moving target term ).

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    Re: DMM On Maya 2012 For Mac ...

    If you purchase a license, it is good for the Maya 2012 version as well.

    As for performance, I can do pretty hefty simulation work with my old Core 2 Duo laptop with only 2 Gigs of RAM

    You shouldn't have any issue with your rig. Also, be sure to get the Maya 2012 hotfix which was just posted. We added multithreading for the OS X and Linux versions so you will get some good use out of those 8 cores.


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    Re: DMM On Maya 2012 For Mac ...

    Thanks, that's good news. But where is the 2012 Mac version. I only see a 2011 product.

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    Re: DMM On Maya 2012 For Mac ...

    Its on this page: Look at the last link with the extension ".pkg".

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