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Thread: More about dmm Cache....

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    More about dmm Cache....

    Hi, new to this forum
    First off all, wish to let you know that dmm is outstanding and provides great results in fast time.
    however, i seem to have problem with cacheing it.
    actually, same probelm as described here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=556&sid=f02f06e23c0cb83fa6e1bb b8f316a2f3#p1884
    just the topic hasn't been answerd at all.

    this is what the script editor spits out:
    setAttr "DMMScene1.dmmCache" 1;
    // Error: DMM: Error while changing cache file pathname //
    // Error: DMM: Cache file cannot be changed to '/Volumes/Extra/4th/TRAINS/RIDE_global/scenes/ATARI/DMM/Ca/atari_dmm13.dmm_cache' //

    i have tried to close the undo cue few times, change scene names, but the solution seems to be close & reopen maya - and then sometimes the problem's gone - sometimes not.
    i am pretty sure i am doing something wrong...


    Maya 2012, OSX, Licensed DMM

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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Hi 8bits, glad you are enjoying using DMM!

    Are you trying to use the cache while rendering? There is a problem in the way Maya passes us information relating to the cache. If you name your render file prefix anything other than the default scene name, we don't have any way to correlate the dmm cache to the rendering process. More specifically (from our documentation):

    "When doing batch rendering from Maya (as opposed to from the command line), Maya creates a temporary copy of the Maya scene file. The name of this temporary file is the same as the original one (with some numbers appended to it) and the plugin takes advantage of that to find out the name of the cache file. But if a file name prefix is specified in the Render Settings, then the temporary scene file is named using that prefix. So that prevents the plugin to find the correct cache file. To avoid this, specify the cache filename in the Cache Pathname attribute of the DMMScene node, or use the command line ("render") to start a batch rendering."

    The other issue may be that you saved the cache to a directory and the plug-in is not able to change to that directory because it may not exist or the cache may not be there. I would suggest you set the cache save directory back to the scene directory that the scene you are working on is in and try enabling the cache then. You can change the cache save directory by selecting "Save Cached Animation" under the "DMM Scene" Menu. Select the box on the right of the menu item and then select the "Choose the export folder" button. Set that to your current scene directory.

    Please post if that helped you.


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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Hi dmmjedi,
    Thank you for the replay,
    Actually, i am not trying to batch render yet. just cache to playblast at this point.
    I did try what you wrote about setting up the directory but seem not to help and, the problem keeps bouncing at random times.

    > more to that,
    can you please let me understand what is the correct way to reference/import dmm scenes into the main render scenes of a project?
    can't seem to make it happen (cache-wise...), and i am afraid to run-over existing cache files i already happy with.
    Maybe the Namespace are the problem?, when importing/refranceing dmm scene to a scene without dmm objects, then the active engine node has it's own namespace...
    kinda lost here...


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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Just to clarify,
    there is something i hav't noticed before:
    at some point, when i start gettin the error
    the cache file has a different name then what i am telling it to be, for example:

    instead of:
    TUNNEL_DMM (wich should come out as TUNNEL_DMM.dmm_cache
    the file get written is:

    i feel that this is a bug related to privileges maya don't let the plug in to accese her project directory, or an OSX related issue, anyhow,

    Please let me know what is the workaround / who to fix it / script it

    thank you,

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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Thanks for that information. We are looking at that. BTW, one additional thing about rendering, cache the verts in a Maya geometry cache when doing motion blur, Mental Ray seems to like that...sometimes

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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Ok, got ya.
    About geometry cache,
    i didn't though of that, I should select the outputSurfaceShape node of the object i wish to cache correct?,
    then i can delete the rest of the shapeNode's on that objects and clear my dmm scene node yes?


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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    I think that is fine. I would select the DMM object itself (I think that is automatic when you select it in the window). Also, I think it is a good idea to delete object history sometimes when you have issues as well, that can cause problems.

    BTW, look here for an interesting discussion of how to use the geometry cache with DMM:

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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    sorry for not responding sooner,
    Unfortunately i ran into the same issue that guy in the CGblog taked about...
    I also saw you guys are looking into it.
    Thank you.

    i have upgraded to the new version via autodesk and now cache name issue seem to be ok, or it's just a luck day for me

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    Re: More about dmm Cache....

    Not a problem. Glad it is working now.

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