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Thread: DMM2: "advanced" license in open source?

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    DMM2: "advanced" license in open source?


    I plan on doing some open source stuff with the free version of DMM2. Now what if I find out I can't live with the limits of the free version and decide to buy the "advanced" version? (Given I can afford it.) I guess I wouldn't be allowed to distribute the headers etc., so nobody except me could compile? (I'm assuming the free and the advanced version aren't binary compatible, otherwise users could just swap dlls.)

    Care to clarify?

    Mr. Wonko

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    Re: DMM2: "advanced" license in open source?

    Not sure about this yet? Can't/Don't want to answer? Then please just tell me that. (Or just haven't had time to answer yet?)

    Mr. Wonko

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