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Thread: DMM Plugin for Softimage?

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    DMM Plugin for Softimage?

    I have a simple question.
    Is possible in future to have your unique product in Softimage too?
    Because DMM is great!



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    Re: DMM Plugin for Softimage?

    Glad you like using DMM!

    We have considered Softimage, but right now we are focussed entirely on getting the plugin working well under Maya and Max. A Softimage version may come in the future if we get enough demand for it though.

    Best Regards,

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    DMM for softimage

    Hey All,
    Well the combination with ICE & DMM would be the ultimate package to have.
    I use Maya & Softimage. However, I am not sure how to achieve DMM results using ICE nodes. I guess it would be possible but needs a lot of work. I have been messing around with ICE and I love it so far.....only a DMM.xsiaddon is missing
    Hope to see it soon!


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