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Thread: Help with Plugin Code

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    Help with Plugin Code

    Hey guys,

    Need a bit of help coding a bit of a visual extension to the DMM plugin for Maya as part of my university research.

    Here's the thing, I need to call the largest positive eigenvalue from the nodes separation tensor matrix to compare with the materials toughness parameter (I've read "Real-time deformation and fracture in a game environment" quite obviously lol). I'm trying to develop a stress mapping of DMM objects in Maya (i think perhaps using a modified ramp texture? help on this too would be very much appreciated; something like this: ... stress.png) so I need to compute the "largest possible eigenvalue/material toughness" to determine the extent of relative stress at a point so I can use the ramp to texture appropriately (blue for 0 towards red for 1). Unfortunately I'm a Python noob (civil engineer here, not programmer ) and have only started using Maya this week. And I cant access the .mll files which im betting is where the maths is done because I dont have the program to although ive used Scite to skim through what it could bring up and I know what I'm looking for is in there somewhere.

    Also to individually texture the different components but keep the entire object as DMM should I extract a polymesh and then use "DMM Asset>Create Bare DMM Object>From Triangulated Polymesh" or just through a surface mesh straight on? I'm unsure exactly how I can apply the texture correctly once I have the relative stress figure and to what extent i may need to code into Maya.

    If I'm not making a whole lot of sense, it's cos I have no idea what's going on exactly haha.

    Any help is greatly appreciated


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    Re: Help with Plugin Code

    Hi horyd,
    I'm sorry that I didn't saw your thread any time earlier. Is this project still going on?
    Getting the plugin ready!


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