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Thread: Where do UVs for hidden faces come from?

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    Where do UVs for hidden faces come from?

    I am doing dome simple breaking of objects inside maya using the DMM plugin. I have textured my object, its a brick wall and breaking according to the splinter cage I had set up. Now when it breaks, the inside faces of the wall which are generated become visible, and they have some random UV's assigned on them which doesnt look good at all. How can I correct it ?
    If I modify the UV's of the output surface mesh, then the "Export to Cobra" option fails, giving the error "outSurfNode is not a mesh node"
    Plz advice

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    Re: Where do UVs for hidden faces come from?

    Hi varunbondwal,
    The plugin generates random UVs for the inner faces of the DMM assets. We identified the export problem you are describing but I can't think of a workaround for you. Unfortunately you will have to wait for the plugin update that fix this export problem.
    Thank you for the bug report.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Where do UVs for hidden faces come from?

    You can't control the UVs on the inner faces, but you can assign a specific texture to them. If you use a tileable, low contrast texture you might be able to get better results. (Example for a brick wall: exterior texture picture of bricks, interior texture just a plain brick color with a bit of noise).
    Hope that helps!

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