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Thread: OSX sales?

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    OSX sales?

    I recently purchased Maya OSX and I would like to purchase DMM Plug-in for OSX. Is there any information available. Thanks.

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    Re: OSX sales?


    I hope this question does not seem off-beat or political. I'm holding my credit card in my hand just hoping there's good news about an upgrade to OSX. I don't want to be double jeopardized and have to pay twice for a switch to OSX if I buy the PC version now.

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    Re: OSX sales?

    Hello AVTPro,

    we are currently porting the DMM Maya plugin to OSX, and we will be releasing it soon.
    In the meantime, I believe that you can purchase the plugin for PC: our licensing system is computer dependent, thus if you use a dual boot machine your license should remain valid when you move to OSX. In case you find big issues once you move, then we will provide another license for you !

    Btw, we just upgraded our on-line shop, so if you have any problem during the purchase process please do not hesitate to contact me directly: etienne [at] pixelux [dot] ch
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    Re: OSX sales?

    OHH! Thank you ...This is the information I needed. Whether if I bought DMM for PC that I can transfer the license over. Also, I just heard that Maya 2011 is 64bit which makes the plug very useful. Lastly I am having a great deal of trouble with purchasing through the site. I would like to contact you immediately so I can get DMM x64bit PC and then transfer over to OSX as soon as it is available. Thank you. Thank you Thank you.


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    Re: OSX sales?

    Hey Entienne,

    I am still having a great deal of frustration ordering your software. What is a "ID1: Unique computer ID" ? I put in my Mac ID address, my maya serial numbers. Nothing works.

    I sent you email and am awaiting a response. I will like to get the software soon as possible. Thanks.

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    Re: OSX sales?

    Hi AVTPro,
    Sorry for the much delayed answer. To retrieve you computer id, you can start Maya and select the DMM menu set. Then open the "DMM Help" menu and select "Get License Key...". This should start a program that may ask for administrator rights and will display your computer id. Once you received the purchased license (by email), you can use the same program to copy paste it, or automatically retrieve it (clicking on "get 30 days trial" will actually get the purchased license if you have one).
    Please let me know if you need anything else.

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    Re: OSX sales?

    Is this Vik? We got this going. Thanks.

    I talk to you about OSX? Can you contact me please? thanks.


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