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Thread: Inconsistent UV issue

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    Inconsistent UV issue


    We have been doing R&D on DMM for quite some time now and i didn't face this problem anytime but from today morning I am facing this weird problem for each and every model i try to make as DMM object. whenever I create a primitive(cube only) and directly create DMM object it instantly accepts it but if I create any other primitive(not plane), I get an error:

    Error: MESH: INCONSISTENT UV: found 360 vertices with inconsistent UVs (maximum relative distance = 0.0477384).

    Anytime i try to convert any custom model with proper unwrap and texturing done as DMM object it get the same UV inconsistency error.Moreover,if i apply automatic unwrap to a simple cube , I get the same error. Plus I get the following error for custom meshes:

    DMM: New DMMScene node created
    # DMM: mesh set UVs failed: (kFailure): Object does not exist #

    Please help us though it might be maya specific error but no info about this anywhere in the docs.

    Eagerly waiting for the reply.

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    Re: Inconsistent UV issue

    Could you describe the exact steps to get to the error? Or even better, can you send us a simple Maya scene file that shows the problem?
    Thank you.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: Inconsistent UV issue

    In my case I was getting similar problems sometimes which stated UV's to be inconsistent. They solved when I assigned a single UV channel to the object and named it "map1"

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