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Thread: Volumetric fluids support?

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    Volumetric fluids support?


    Just like to know if support is planned for volumetric fluids?
    Perhaps a universal model for simulating both gases and liquids taking into account all fluid properties?
    This would make it possible to do interesting things like:
    - water swishing in a glass
    - an air-fillled balloon flying about as it deflates
    - slime dripping off the ceiling
    - air bubbles in water that coalesce into bigger bubbles
    - and much more...


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    Re: Volumetric fluids support?

    We are interested in pursuing fluid simulation, but we don't have a schedule for it yet. Thanks for expressing interest!
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    Re: Volumetric fluids support?


    I was wondering if there's the possibility of paid custom development of such a fluid module?
    We're developing a physics edutainment game which calls for such features, and are currently sourcing for 3rd party technologies that can do it...


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