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Thread: dmmParticle usage tutorial

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    dmmParticle usage tutorial

    Lots of people seem to be asking how to integrate particles into their fracturing dmm meshes however the user guide is not informative enough to be useful on this subject.

    A tutorial giving a brief demo would be much appreciated.


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    Re: dmmParticle usage tutorial

    Thank you for the suggestion!
    There is an example in the documentation on how to do particles when fracture occur, but unfortunately it would take more refinements to really have a flexible system. We will create a particle tutorial in the future, but for now it takes a good understanding of MEL scripting to get it to work as you need.
    Getting the plugin ready!

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    Re: dmmParticle usage tutorial

    there's also a bug in the MEL script included





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    When can we expect to see this tutorial ?

    And when can we have the trial limit incresed to 2500 tets ?

    Both were promised a good while ago.


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    Hi dansidi,

    The Tet limit has been raised to 2500 as of Maya 2012 Hotfix 2. If you get the latest Hotfix from Autodesk (I believe they are up to 4 now) the DMM update is included.

    We are still working on a couple of tutorials. One will be going up this weekend and another on particles will be coming after that.



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