Hello! I work for a large post production studio in New York as technical director. We are looking for solutions to a new project that involves some very cool object destruction, and maya's rigid bodies suck. DMM is our ideal solution, however I can't install the trial to test it out.

My system - Maya 2009 32 & 64 - running on Vista 64 on a fast quad with plenty of RAM.

First let me say what happens:

program trial (1.0.5) begins to install, and then hangs on the last part "loading final installation drivers" or something. When I checked the task manager, sure enough it had just loaded HASPdinstall 64 process. System install never finishes, unless I kill that process, in which case, of course, the HASP drivers won't load on maya startup.

I have restarted my machine. I haven't installed maya recently.

I have run installer with administrative rights. UAC is disabled.

Virus programs are disabled.

I have attempted to run installdrivers.bat and haspdinstall manually - however because the installer never finishes I don't even have these files in the system folder. is there a link to a standalone HASP installer I could try? Any other ideas? Thanks so much. This is pretty time-sensitive, we may buy several licenses if this suits our needs. Your demos look incredible. Thanks again

PS. If I were you guys I would find another licensing system, especially if this HASP program is causing considerable bugs. In my experience bad DRM can actually cost software companies money. Just a suggestion