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Thread: Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

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    Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

    Hello! I work for a large post production studio in New York as technical director. We are looking for solutions to a new project that involves some very cool object destruction, and maya's rigid bodies suck. DMM is our ideal solution, however I can't install the trial to test it out.

    My system - Maya 2009 32 & 64 - running on Vista 64 on a fast quad with plenty of RAM.

    First let me say what happens:

    program trial (1.0.5) begins to install, and then hangs on the last part "loading final installation drivers" or something. When I checked the task manager, sure enough it had just loaded HASPdinstall 64 process. System install never finishes, unless I kill that process, in which case, of course, the HASP drivers won't load on maya startup.

    I have restarted my machine. I haven't installed maya recently.

    I have run installer with administrative rights. UAC is disabled.

    Virus programs are disabled.

    I have attempted to run installdrivers.bat and haspdinstall manually - however because the installer never finishes I don't even have these files in the system folder. is there a link to a standalone HASP installer I could try? Any other ideas? Thanks so much. This is pretty time-sensitive, we may buy several licenses if this suits our needs. Your demos look incredible. Thanks again

    PS. If I were you guys I would find another licensing system, especially if this HASP program is causing considerable bugs. In my experience bad DRM can actually cost software companies money. Just a suggestion


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    Re: Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

    OK I found the most recent HASP end-user files, and now have gotten rid of the HASP could not load H0033 error. However because it never installed the keys it still cannot load the security and I get the H0007 error. Could you email me a trial key or show me a workaround? that would be amazing. Thanks again

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    Re: Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

    Still waiting for a response... Just so you know this same exact error has occurred on 3 different systems, all running vista 64 and maya 2k9. Not good, guys. I hope the program itself isn't this buggy, but you may have just lost a lot of potential business.

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    Re: Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

    I only have limited knowledge myself, but here is my go at your issue.

    How long are you waiting for the process to finish? It's not instantaneous(obviously). On my vista 64 machine I think it took a good 10 minutes (and mine is a crappy box too).
    And as far as the program itself, I haven't encountered any real bugs yet (nothing that isn't just plain old Maya breaking itself).

    Pixelux is also changing the license system in the next week in response to your other statement.

    Had another thought, have you and your crew tried installing the plugin under safe-mode (with networking)? UAC shouldn't be an issue, but a firewall would only that should not affect the installation, only the initializing inside Maya for the first time.

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    Re: Yet another HASP Installation problem (vista x64)

    Sorry for the delay. HASP is the license system that the plugin is using. We are having too many problems with it, so we are in the process of changing to a different one. Expect an update of the plugin without HASP in a week or two. That sould solve all the installation problems.
    Thank you for interest in the plugin, and for your patience!
    Getting the plugin ready!

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